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New innovations in computing and electronics are being adopted quickly by the engineering software ISV’s. Some may say too quickly. Sungrace’s custom software services will help you to combine your legacy systems with new technologies that you wish to harness. In a manner that makes best sense for YOU.

Engineering Software Development

A company developing engineering software often faces complex challenges in areas slightly extraneous to their core product initiatives as well, including:

  • Integration or support of multiple CAD systems.
  • Development and enhancement of core product(s) in parallel.
  • Continual improvement of the "whole product" including:
    • Software Development Kits (SDK)
    • Installation programs
    • Print documentation
    • Online documentation
  • Extensive Automated and Regression Testing.

Decades of Experience

As your extended development partner, we will assist you with CAD integration issues throughout the product lifecycle, from software design and development to automated testing, online or print documentation and more. Beyond CAD systems, there is often a need for new software to operate in conjunction with many peripheral third party programs. We have extensive experience of writing adapters and translators between applications, for example, pre- and post-processor development for CAE applications, or integration with visualization toolkits such as VTK, Hoops3D, VKI, among others.

We also supports CAD and CAE related product development needs for ANSYS Workbench, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, CATIA, and more.